PR of Darth Vader, but views are personal. Caffeinator. Loves Manchester United and sometimes I make posters.

Hey, I'm Shashank SN, a Freelance Graphic Designer from Chennai, India. I'm 21 and currently doing my Masters in Electronic Media @ Anna University.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I strongly believe art should have it's own reality and not be an imitation of some other thing. However, life imitates art far more than art imitates life. So yes, I believe in minimalism, colors are descriptive but B&W is interpretative. If you didn't get my artbabble subspace it, while I'm finding the C3PO to my R2D2 (and please don't be stormtroopers).


Also, I debate, sometimes between Plato & Aristotle and mostly between The Original Trilogy or The Prequel Trilogy. It's Original. Now don't argue saying "I'll know the Plot, it'll be spoilt". You live on planet Earth so chances are it already is. Anyway for debates (now that Death Star doesn't exist-you think) you can find me on a beach sipping coffee (no you cannot Jedi Mind Meld, ain't Vulcan). If not, I'm watching Manchester United, because I don't miss a match.

My mantra is "Your focus determines your reality". For some clear and functional art, plus cool Football, Marvel or just being Sherlocked watch my space.

Quoting Master Yoda “Powerful you have become”.
May the force be with you!


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